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Dolly Haze
22 September 2010 @ 09:38 pm

 16 years later FRIENDS is still on tv, we still watched, we still love it

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Dolly Haze
08 September 2010 @ 11:57 pm


I want a Schue
I love Kurt Hummel
I like Emma Pillsbury so much
I'm such a Sue Fan

PD. I have to go to Uni tomorrow, fuck ¬_¬

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Dolly Haze
31 August 2010 @ 11:56 pm
That's right, people, today's Richard Gere's Birthday!! He's 61 and still sexy; well, you know, I love him (L)

(I know, it's the same pic as last year's but he's PERFECT in that picture, isn't he?)

And to celebrate my darling Richard's birthday I went to see CHICAGO :) It was great, even with the songs in spanish, it was like when I saw it in Leeds; god, I love that musical.

I hope you had a good summer; mine was great; it's a pity it's coming to its end... My last day of happynes will be tomorrow, my birthday, after that I'm going to be stressed about uni... Well, I will make the most of tomorrow.
That's all.
See you.
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Dolly Haze
22 June 2010 @ 10:40 pm

I'm back on Lj because it's Meryl Streep's birthday and she deserves a post!!

(I know, it's the banner I posted last year but I'm too lazy to make another one and, well, I like it ^^)

And, now that I decided to write again here, I'm going to say a few words about the season finale of different tv shows because I miss doing that (there has been three months since my last post...). Basically, my conclusion is pretty much the same for every show: WTF.

-> 30Rock:
* You know I always have been Liz/Jack but... I LOVE Wesley!! Liz and Wesley are great together, I want him to be in season five!
* WTF, Jack ends up with Avery? Avery is pregnant?! I don't like that at all... So, is Jack going to be with Avery forever? Or is he going to leave her being pregnant? I don't understand... As I said, WTF.

-> Greys Anatomy:
* What an stressful finale! A crazy man shooting everyone all the time! I past the whole episode wondering about who was the "important character" that was going to die... "Are they going to shoot Meredith?" "Please, shoot her!!" "Ok, ok, it's not Mark" "Kill Karev, for god's sake!" "NOOOOO, Derek can't die, he's not going to die!!" "Oh my God, are they going to kill Owen?!" "The chieff, it's the chieff!!" Horrible, but... the other day I watched the episode again and it was well boring without the tension...
* WTF, are you telling me that the importan death was Meredith's abortion?! that I had been wondering about who the hell was going to day to know later that the spoiler was referred to Grey's abortion?! They weren't looking for a baby, Derek didn't know it, she knows she's pregnant at 10 in the morning and has an abortion that evening!! WTF!

-> Brothers & Sisters:
* WTF, what is wrong with ABC shows? They have to kill someone in each show to be happy or what? Poor McCallister, he dies so sexy-ly though... Anyway, I don't care much about what happens in the show as long as Kevin and Scotty are happy XD

-> Desperate Housewives:
* Oh yes! No more Orson!!
* What about that child that was given to the wrong family? I think it is related to MJ Delfino... Don't ask me why but Bree's cannot be, neither Lynette's and between Gabby's and Susan's... Ok, Juanita and Celia don't look like they are Gabby's daughters but only one baby was given to the wrong family and Juanita and Celia are totally sisters so... it has to be MJ.
* And the great WHAT THE FUCK goes to... Paul Young!! What the hell is he doing in Wisteria Lane again?! To be honest, I thought he was dead but aparently he's not... I'm lost here.

-> Bones:
* Aaaaaaawwww Hodgins and Angela are LOVE!!! I'm so happy they end up together, I knew it!!
* WTF, Booth is going to the war?! Ok, Brennan wants to stop working with the FBI and go to God-knows-where to investigate, understandable, I get that; but Booth to the war?! He is going to come back traumatized like Justin in B&S!

-> Cougar Town:
* No WTF here ^^ I like this first season too much :) It's great to see Courtney doing comedy again and I like Jules and Grayson (I would have waited a bit more to put them together but I have no problem with that). But, I have to say one thing, the best in that show is Ellie Torres, I love her *o* maybe because I hate Laurie as much as she does but... Ellie's great!

And I'm going to leave it here, I have written too much XD
I have to read all your Ljs... give me some days to do it, please ;)

That's all
See you


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Dolly Haze
15 March 2010 @ 12:13 am
Years later I'm back XD but without titles... I'm too lazy to put a title everyday so I finished with that, no more "TOW...". Sorry about that (as if you care about it XD). But, this no-title thing is good because I'll post more often ^^ (you probably don't understand this but I do XD)

Anyway, I'm posting today because I have to say that:

* Eric Dane became dad!! His daughter was born last  wednesday and her name is Billie Beatrice Dane (apparently they hate this poor criature already XD) I think they named her Billie because Eric's second name is William; it would be better naming her Beatrice Erica Dane, it's not that horrible XD

* Eric Dane -> Greys Anatomy. I want a great "oh yes!" to the last episode of Greys' beginning: First image: Seattle; second image: Mark Sloan shirtless doing push-ups. I don't have anything else to say.

* Greys Anatomy -> Psych. Shawn Spencer talks about Patrick Dempsey in the 4x13 XD He's awesome. In theory he is afraid of Patrick Dempsey; but Jules, Gus and me think that he is just jealous of Patrick's hair XD

* I read The Reader, I like it, now I have to watch the movie. And I was going to read The Lovely Bones or Revolutionary Road but one day they were selling second hand stuff at uni and I got books of Doctor Who for 20p ^^ Now I'm reading The Stone Rose (with Ten and Rose).

* Oscars: Sandra won! I have to watch her film... I only know her as the queen of romantic comedies. Here you have her speech :)

* Alice in Wonderland: Amazing. The character of Helena is very amusing and Johnny as the Mad Hatter is just great, very cute in some moments. Here is the trailer:

And here a video of Johnny Depp talking about the Mad Hatter (I love when he says "you're terribly late you know? Naughty", don't ask me why XD it's just funny for me XD)

That's all!!
See you!

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Dolly Haze
21 February 2010 @ 05:29 pm


It was so hard to live with his wife; her constant presence in the house was driving Claudio Martini crazy. He met her when he became a widower, when that woman in black caught his Marietta without giving him the opportunity of pay a rescue. He had just got home after his wife’s funeral, then he felt the Other and he knew that she was going to be by his side until his dying day although he did not want to; many years later, indeed, he had not been able to get rid of her.

Claudio Martini was a writer, or he was it until his muse took with her his pen and notebook. It was then that he wished to know another trade that allowed him to run away from that house where, without permission, a hateful tenant had got settled; but he was a writer, and nothing else. A writer, by the way, that had never published his works since he did not write for the others but for himself. He called his stories “private” and “private” was the adjective to use because all his writings were a translation of all that he shared with his first wife: Marietta was the center of his life, the protagonist of his literature.

As every evening he went out for some hours with the intention of escaping from his so annoying mistress; he did not close the door, he always hope that the one who had become the owner of the house escaped someday. It never happened. He start to walk and unconsciously he arrived to this bench under the shadow of one of the trees at the seafront; the tree where his name and Marietta’s were written one day, the bench where one spring he had asked her to marry him. Claudio Martini went there everyday before the sunset, looking for inspiration, looking for her; and it was true that, in some way, he reached to feel her.

And certain man was found looking at the sea and from the sea they saw his lover coming. She never substituted the one he loved but she calmed him, she made him forget his miserable life. She got closer and she kissed him after being sat on his laps; he answered to the kiss and he gently stroked her leg, playing with her skirt. Curious like someone who opens a book that have not read before he discovered her tights; and afraid like an author when he starts to write a play he wrote their love with kisses and caresses. Together they composed a new tale that ended up with a sigh of pleasure. They stayed embracing each other and a tear decided to go for a walk through the cheek of that man who did not want to let go that samaritan that every evening made him remember what loving someone was. She kissed him once more while she took his pen from one of the pockets of his jacket, “I will come back every time you need me” she said and then she left.

He came back home and he knew that the woman who played his wife was still there, he whispered “you will never leave” and he even heard an answer but he did not pay attention. Before going to his room he went to the sitting room and he threw those four bad written lines result of his delirium at the seafront; he did write but if Marietta was not by his side to read his stories they were not worth being written. Another day had finished without any news and there it was Claudio Martini, in bed with his more recurrent lover, sleeping with and in Solitude.


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Dolly Haze
18 February 2010 @ 12:50 am
 Yesterday I said I wasn't going to buy more stupid things... but today they were selling posters at uni so...
So I bought one, Teh Poster

What I learnt from Friends, is GREAT. I'm posting those quotes, they are too funny ^^ And the first one is Monica's "There are 7 basic erogenous zones... Seven!!!"

Btw, Wilsy, I bought something for you ^^ I think you're going to like it so much :)

That's all.
See you.
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Dolly Haze
16 February 2010 @ 09:44 pm
Yep, that's the tittle for today! There is no much to explain...
I'm going to tell you about the tittles of past weeks:

- 26/01/2010: TOW the new modules. Italian; TESOL; and Oscar Wilde; that's what I'm studying this semester.
- 27/01/2010: TOW the watch Sherlock Holmes. I like it! And it's the first time I feel something for Jude Law... Oh yes, I love Watson.
- 28/01/2010: TOW Dolly watches House again. Just because I miss Wilson.
- 29/01/2010: TOW just one lesson. Oh yes, jus one lesson on fridays, 2 to 3 and I'm free ^^
- 30/01/2010: TOW they go to Liverpool. I like Liverpool! Everything is about The Beatles!
- 31/01/2010: TOW Jenn and Lucia come. I love visits!
- 01/02/2010: TOW the red hair. Yes, red!hair Dolly is back ^^
- 02/02/2010: TOW the Red!Steph. Steph becomes really really red when she is embarrassed XD
- 03/02/2010: TOW the Woods. Bodington Hall is surrounded by woods so we went for a walk to explore them.
- 04/02/2010: TOW they eat pizza with the guys. Funny evening...night.
- 05/02/2010: TOW the first mark. 48 % in Shakespearean Comedy = I past!
- 06/02/2010: TOW Sheakespeare. We went to Warwick and Stratford Upon Avon, I've been in Shakespeare's house watching Doctor Who!
- 07/02/2010: TOW the first time in ASDA. Everything is SO cheap!
- 08/02/2010: TOW they dance flamenco. And it was so much fun!
- 09/02/2010: TOW they finished at 6. I don't like seminars from 5 to 6 ¬_¬
- 10/02/2010: TOW they dance. Samba & Capoeira, Samba is good, Capoeira means death.
- 11/02/2010: TOW The Lion King. Best-Movie-Ever.
- 12/02/2010: TOW Dolly cannot draw. That's why I shouldn't paint my hand with henna.
- 13/02/2010: TOW they go to Harrogate. Nice place ^^ I paid 3'75 pounds for such a tiny cheesecake in the Betty Tea Shop, though ¬¬
- 14/02/2010: TOW Dolly gets angry. One more time, I'm sorry, sista, but you know what annoys me the most...
- 15/02/2010: TOW the experiment. I dyed Steph's hair red, orange and yellow... such an experiment XD

Ok, now, seriously, I promise to post everyday the tittle of the day and the little comment.

And now... fangirl time!

- Doctor Who: I saw the last two episodes of Ten! Why, God, why? I like David Tennant so much! I'm so sad now he's not the Docta anymore! I like Donna's grandpa as the Docta's companion. Great episodes but.... sad!dolly is sad.

- Greys Anatomy: blondie!Lexie is WTF. Lexie sleeping with Alex again is WTF!. Sloan the daughter leaving and not giving Mark the baby is SRSLY WTF! I want him with a baby, he's so sweet! When he sees the eco and he says "that's the Sloan nose, it's my dad's nose!" he is the cutest man ever! I hate Grey's writers ¬_¬

- Valentine's Day rules!! Jessica Biel's character is so funny, she's a woman who hates Valentine's Day, like me XD (btw, embarrasing/annoying fact: today in my italian class the teacher asked us what did we do for Valentine's Day. All the girls were like "I had dinner with my boyfriend..." and I was like "I did nothing special..." "oh, why?" "because I don't have an effing boyfriend, that's why! ¬_¬". I hate Valentine's day). Conversations between Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper also rule (are you on facebook? XD). And... well, well, well, well! Eric Dane is so fucking hot! When he is running in the beach I was like *seven*, when he takes a shower and he's just with the towel I was like *SEVEN*. And his last scene is just LOVE *o*

Oh, and another stupid thing... I bought a badge that says "drama queen" ^^ I'm so happy! XD

That's all.
See you.
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Dolly Haze
11 February 2010 @ 10:56 pm
*enters like David Tennant in the following video*


Makes me laugh every time XD

I'm posting just because you guys have to watch the last inverview of Eric Dane. He's so amusing and god he's HOT.

He's about to have a daughter *o* Oh em gee, we have already seen him with a baby, that's going to be the cutest thing ever!
Btw, just one thing... "I'll bring your pennis up anytime"... That's all.

I'm going to see Valentine's Day on Saturday!!

Tomorrow night I'm giving you all the titles of all my days (just the tittles, I dont think you are very interested in my life XD but you can ask if you want), I promise. But today... you have David Tennant and Eric Dane, who cares about me? XD

That's all.
See you.
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Dolly Haze
18 January 2010 @ 02:08 am
Also known as Dolly's death. Let's see:

- "Sweetheart", Mark calls her daughter "Sweetheart" XD (I'm sorry but I never expected Mark to say those words XD)

- Oh yes! I knew that Mark wasn't going to like Pete!! (And he doesn't know anything about Pete's relationship with Addie...)

- hahaha I love Mark and Addie "shouting" at each other and telling their problems.
Mark: that sucks
Addie: yes...
Mark: you thing sucks too... Bizzi is a lesbian?!
Mark rules XD
- "When do we get so..." "Old!!" Poor Mark, he wants to be young forever.

- Oh my god... oh my god... Mark is closing the curtains... Oh god he's so hot!! *dies* Black underwear!! Oh Yeah!!!! OH YEAH!! MADDISON SEX!!! The momen has come... OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! Btw, Addie, you're very concentrate looking at some part of Mark... well, I'd do the same :p I've always wanted to do it XD Oh god, now I can die...

- They're laughing!!!! And joking!!!! And Mark smacks her :p *seven* *dies, dies, dies* They are perfection!! (L) *o*
- Fuck! Someone has to interrupt my happyness ¬_¬
- And it's still funny! XD I love Mark's pose with the cushion like if nothing was happening XD

- Ok, first: I hate Sloan the daughter's "whatever"; and second: Mark gives her a good night kiss!! He's so cute.
- Oh Mark is the cutest man ever!! He wants to move to L.A and take care of the baby with Addie *o* I LOVE HIM

- I want Sloan the daughter to die, not the baby!! Oh Mark is almost crying *o*
- Addie: "I loved him once" LOVE I know she still loves him

- I HATE Pete, he didn't do anything but I cannot stand him.

- Ok, I'm giving Pete one point because he gave me the cutest image of Mark Sloan ever: Mark holding a baby. I love how scared he is at the begining, his "hello", his "you're cute", his smile... Damn it, Mark, I'm going to cry!! (L)(L)(L)


Ok, I'm going to bed and cry...

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